Modesto Girls Softball League 2015

…keeping parents, relatives & fans informed.

Modesto Girls Softball League 2015 - …keeping parents, relatives & fans informed.

Final Words 2015

2015 MGSL Champions:

  • 10U Tournament Champions – GiRRillaz
  • 12U Tournament Champions – Voltage
  • 15U Tournament Champions – Ballhogs

Tournament Brackets 2015

Congrats and big thanks to all teams, coaches, volunteers, fans, grandmas, pets, board members, siblings, sponsors, Cesar’s, friends, fields, umps, pizza parlors, most assistant coaches, team moms, team dads and of course the GIRLS.  2015 was a great season.  The weather was the best it’s ever been; few rainouts and even fewer sizzling days.

Stay tuned for more MGSL news throughout the year.  Once the regular season ends we typically don’t post updates and/or status for the MGSL Summer Fusion program.  Good luck to all those team though and we wish you the best as your embark on your tournament’ing adventures.

If you have any questions during the offseason please email

Thanks again and see you next season.



In the meantime, the next big thing is coming December 18th, see you at the movies.

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